The trademarked Peace Gear logo represents our company’s anchor. The foundation of all of our designs is the Peace symbol. Utilizing the Peace symbol gives our buyers multiple reasons to own our stuff. The Peace sign truly has its own meaning but when it’s combined with threatened or endangered animals, it becomes a dual statement, bringing recognition and belief to a cause. Our new designs are a fun way of sharing the Peace symbol. The PG animal designs were created by the PG Crew over 22 years ago using dot stenciling with a black ink pen. 22 years, Wow! Great art never gets old! Awesome design.
Have a BLAST with your new Peace Gear design on which ever product you purchase. Since 1993 the crew at Peace Gear, thank you, All Day Long.


P.S. We selected this image of the globe because the Tigris and Euphrates rivers run through the center of our peace symbol. This area of the world is thought to be the beginning of Western Civilization.

We have roughly 1,800 T- shirts printed and ready to ship. These T’s are heavy-knit 100% cotton, so you can wash them a billion times and still have a decent T-shirt. Our inventory consists of a limited number of each design, size and quantity.

In the mean time we are creating additional designs that have been floating around our brains for years. Once we get them completed we will post them on our Facebook page prior to production. You can find our new designs at

After 22 years, we are still a small start-up company located in Tallahassee Florida. Our goal is to make people smile, have fun, look good and feel happy about what they wear.

Thank you and Have a Nice Day!

About Our Products

Our T-Shirts are heavy duty cotton, made to be comfortable, and built to last. Our artwork is beautifully detailed. All designs are printed on front and all shirts display the Peace Gear logo on sleeve. Also, T-Shirt comes with a 700 word tag profiling that specific animal.

Satisfaction Guaranteed – Peace Gear guarantees your complete satisfaction. If for any reason an item does not meet your expectations, return it to us within 14 days after you receive it and we’ll exchange it for another size or Peace Gear t-shirt design. We want you to be 100% satisfied with your purchase.