Humpback Whale Adult T-shirt


The Humpback Whale Peace design was designed and created by the PG Crew over 22 years ago using dot stenciling with a black ink pen. 22 years, Wow! Great art never gets old! Awesome design 🙂  We selected this image of the globe because the Tigris and Euphrates rivers run through the center of our peace symbol. This area of the world is said to be the beginning of Western Civilization.  The Humpback Whales migrate to warmer waters to mate and reproduce.  These winter grounds are Hawaii, Golf of California, Mexico, Costa Rica, Caribbean and south to the southern Bahamas and beyond. Their annual winter migration serve as feeding grounds, North Pacific, Alaska, Prince William Sound, British Columbia, Iceland, Greenland, Norway and the eastern seaboard of Canada and the United States.


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